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Mission, vision, philosophy

Equal Opportunity

and Nondiscrimination Policy Statement


The Perception Training Center, Inc., Perception Early Learning Montessori is an equal opportunity childcare provider and provides an open and equitable personnel system. The provisions of service and referrals of clients, shall be made with regard to race, color, relgious creed, sex, disability, ancestry, age, or nationl origin including limited English.


"Follow the child"


  • To train the child to perceive quickly and accurately by combining use of the senses

  • To nurture a positive self concept in the child

  • To celebrate the multiple intelligence and individuality of the child 



To aid children to achieve:

  • Self Reliance and Self Control

  • Organization and Coordination

  • Responsibility and Determination 

Our Vision

To be the school of choice, advancing in leadership in early childhood education while nurturing a community of children to grow up mentally healthy, psychologically secure, and emotionally fulfilled, possessing self esteem, moral character and a deep desire to learn, discover and create. 


Perception Early Learning, Montessori Infant Program

12 weeks to 15 months

Perception Early Learning, Montessori Toddler Program

15 months to 36 months

The Willow Classroom is beautiful, bright and spacious, and offers a healthy and safe environment for your infant to learn, grow and development. 


Research clearly demonstrates that the first years of life is the most important period in all of human development.


The infants in the Willow classroom are cared for by nurturing,  qualified and certified early childhood professionals experienced in child development. The carefully prepared environment offers developmentally appropriate activities designed to foster the social/emotional, perceptual motor, and cognitive development of your young infant.


The teachers observe, assess and evaluate developmental milestones while forming trusting bonds with our infants and families.  The Montessori Infant Toddler curriculum is cross-walked with the PA Infant/Toddler Learning Standards for Early Childhood.

The Pine and Chestnut Classrooms are beautiful, bright and spacious and offer a healthy and safe environment for your toddler to learn, grow and development. 


Toddlers are naturally curious and want to do everything for themselves! "I do" or "me do" is often heard at this age and stage. Supporting developing self-help skills like potty training, feeding ones self and dressing ones self as well as beginning to care for their own environment is a primary focus


Our  carefully prepared environment offers developmentally appropriate activities designed to foster growing independence while teachers nurture the social/emotional, perceptual motor, cognitive, language and literacy development of your young or older toddler. 

The toddlers are cared for by qualified and certified early childhood professionals experienced in child development and Montessori practice. The teachers observe, asses and evaluate developmental milestones.  The Montessori toddler curriculum is cross-walked with the PA Infant/Toddler Learning Standards for Early Childhood.

Perception Early Learning, Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten Program

3 years to 6 years

The Oak and Maple Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms are beautiful, bright and spacious and offer a healthy and safe place for your preschooler or Kindergarten student to grow in independence, while developing self-esteem and moral character.  


The Montessori method and philosophy supports all developmental domains in your child's development to include social, emotional. perceptual motor, cognitive, language and literacy.  Perception Early Learning, Montessori understands that the social and emotional development of your child is key to your child's academic success.  Peace table and peace corner are essential tools in the classroom used to support the social and emotional development of your preschool or kindergarden student by supporting healthy communication, healthy identification of feelings, sharing of values and practicing positive strategies for conflict resolution.  Teachers monitor and mirror peace talks and keep open communication with families to allow the education to continue from school to home. 


The Montessori Curriculum is cross-walked with the PA Early Learning Standards Perception's Preschool/Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with finely crafted, specialized Practical Life, Sensorial, Music, Math, Language, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography and Cultural materials.   As Preschool and Kindergarten students continue to develop coordination, a sense of order, and problem solving skills they become more self assured and responsive to all that is available academically. 


The Perception Training Center, Inc. Perception Early Learning, Montessori is licensed by the PA Department of Education for Nursery and Kindergarten with qualified and certified teaching staff.  Students attending our Kindergarten may go on to first grade if they meet the requirements.

Perception Early Learning, Montessori Summer Enrichment School Age Programs

Weekly School Age Summer Enrichment programs are offered throughout the summer months from June through August. Perception is a year round Montessori School and quality Early Learning Center.  During the summer months, school age students are welcome to attend individual weekly summer camps as interested, or students may attend all summer long. Perception offers a great variety of thoughtfully planned themed camps such as Fine Art, Sculpture, Fitness and Nutrition, Yoga, Arts and Crafts, Sensory Exploration, Creative Writing, Theatre, Spanish, Cooking, Carnival, Geography, Botany, Zoology, and Physical Science.

Perception Early Learning, Montessori Before and After School  School Age Programs

Our school age programs provide a safe and supportive environment for school age alumni and siblings- Kindergarten through 3rd grade- before and after school, when available, to include early morning breakfast, afternoon snacks and an opportunity to relax and unwind from the school day. Students may work on homework with the support of qualified teachers or choose from the many enriching Montessori materials they are familiar with in the environment to reinforce learning.  The Montessori classroom also provides opportunity to continue to develop social skills and lasting friendships while participating in peace activities and our values program.

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