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Perception Montessori School is the absolute best education and hands on learning within our region! My husband and I went for a tour with the Director of this school to ensure that Perception would be the best place for our son. We immediately fell in love with this school; the classrooms were extremely clean, the staff were highly knowledgeable, and everything was meticulously organized. We witnessed firsthand the positive interaction between the director, Michelle, and her students which most impressed us. Michelle treated her students with a kindness, respect, and importance that was not forced, it was genuine and it came natural for her--each child was treated with great importance and that is exactly what sold us on Perception.
Once our son started here, we received that immediate care, attention, and concern that we were looking for in a school. I fully appreciated the open lines of communication within this school and it far exceeded my expectations. Every day our son was sent home with a documented sheet of all his nap, feeding, and bathroom times to include developmental milestones that he was working towards. In addition, these sheets let us know his behavior and disposition throughout the day so that we knew what to expect when he came home and what milestones to continue working to assist the learning process.
My son was six months old when he entered the Willow classroom with Miss Kelsie and Miss April. Essentially, Miss Kelsie and Miss April were very accessible, communicative, and informed us of anything pertinent relating to our son. I cannot thank Perception enough for this peace of mind that my husband and I received when we enrolled our son here. We knew our son was in the right hands and surrounded by people who cared and loved him just as much as we did. Most importantly, the staff here are truly professional and truly love what they do which is evident in the way that treat their students… I would not take my son anywhere but Perception.

Erika and Matthew Brilla
June 21, 2017

We enrolled our 3 month old daughter at Perception when we needed to return to work full time after her birth.  We did a lot of research and made lots of phone calls and visits to daycares and sitters. We were extremely impressed by Perception when we were invited for a tour of the infant classroom.  We were given a thorough tour, plus an in-depth look into the other classrooms for our daughters future. I was instantly on board for enrolling our little baby, who needed so much care.  We feel safe having her there. She has only been there 2 months and we already see a difference with her coordination skills, nap schedule, and development.  I believe Perception is to thank for putting her on the right path to learning new skills.  Perception is wonderful.  The staff is always there to answer concerns and give feedback and to let us know how she is doing!  
Feeney Family
January 28, 2017
Finding childcare is one of the scariest and biggest decisions a parent will make in their life. I am very happy and proud to say my children go to Perception.  The staff are so welcoming each and every day.  It is so comforting to know that my children are in, not only a safe environment, but a learning one as well. Receiving a report on how my children are behaving and progressing day to day is a plus!  If you are looking for a quality learning center for your little ones, look no further! 

Warfe- Harper
January 29, 2017

The education my son receives at  Perception Early Learning, Montessori truly encompasses every aspect of his development.  His teachers know him inside and out; when my son has grasped a new concept, when he is having trouble with a particular developmental area, what his favorite work is, and even when my son is not feeling himself -physically or emotionally.  From the Director of Education to Food Services and everyone in between, the staff -even teachers who do not have our child in class- know each of the children who attend Perception and treat them like their own. The environment is inviting, clean and organized.  All of the staff members serve as role models of learning and keep up to date with current educational issues and trends, and offer parent programming to share such information.  I also see what my son learns at Perception being applied outside of the classroom-at home and in social situations with family and friends.  I feel that they are preparing him to become a life-long, community minded learner.  My husband and I are incredibly pleased with the education and social skills our son is receiving at Perception.  
Chestnut Mother
February 1, 2017
My son started Perception at the age of 3 years. He was a very busy little boy, at the time and I was worried about getting him into a preschool that would encourage and direct him in the right way.  I had looked into other preschools and was not impressed with their "daycare approach" to his care.  I wanted him to go to a place that really taught him and encouraged his learning and curiosity of the world.  We didn't need a daycare for him, we wanted a learning environment. Now at the age of 5, as he goes onto Kindergarten, I can confidently state that the staff and the organization's philosophy has met and really exceeded our expectations for his preschool years. They truly encourage their kids to "bloom and grow" in their young years.  My son has advanced so far it is amazing!  It is bitter sweet for us to see him advance onto public school.  We will miss this preschool but we know he is well prepared to go on to "big school." We are certain he will be confident and independent this upcoming year.  I cannot stress enough that The Perception Training Center and the Montessori philosophy has made such a positive difference in my son's life.  I highly recommend them to all! 
Alumni Parent

I must let you all know how extremely thankful and pleased I am with everyone who works at Perception for how they helped my son feel comfortable and safe. It is a big relief to know he is being cared for by such professional and caring people.  It makes my life much easier knowing he is in your hands.  I am truly blessed to be able to have my boy come to school there. Thank you again for everything!
Happy Mom
Perception has a wonderful nursery and the staff really works with our little one on her development and learning skills. It's never too early! I feel comfortable and confident leaving her there while my husband and I work. We know she is in good hands!
 Andrea February, 9, 2017

Each and every day my daughter comes home with more amazing information. This school has really set her up for success and helped her to reach her potential both socially and academically.
Angela Newton 
April 30, 2016
It was hard to think about leaving my son in the care of someone else when I had to return to work, not only to care for him, but also to help him grow and develop. After meeting Michelle and the staff at Perceptions we could see immediately how much they cared for the children and how happy and excited the children were at the school. Michelle and her staff are knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.  The school is clean, secure and has a community-minded atmosphere.  As an educator, I was familiar with the Montessori curriculum and thankful to have an opportunity to enroll our son in an early learning center like Perceptions. This is his second year at Perceptions and we are so grateful and thankful for them every day and feel we truly made the best choice for our son.  
Karen Mennig
March 4, 2017
Our daughter started going to Perception at 2.5 years.  During her time here Zoey's teachers noticed there was a delay in her speech and motor and without any hesitation, Michelle and Peggy did everything they could to bring the proper services for our daughter so that she wasn't so frustrated when she was struggling to communicate her needs. Since then our daughter has come such a long way!  We think if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have gotten her the proper services she needed to succeed.  These amazing teachers and administrative staff are expanding the minds of growing students! 
Zoey's family - April 23, 2017
"I was at school and my teacher was talking about different types of schools and somehow you came up in the conversation.  I told her how I used to go to Perception, a Montessori school in Pottsville.  I kept telling my teacher and the class how fun and awesome it is!  I told them how well I learned there, how much I miss it, and how I wouldn't be me today if I hadn't gone to Perception!!! I knew I had to let you know how much I tell everyone how fun and great it is!!! I miss everyone!!! Tell everyone I said hi!"
Bela Monet
​Alumni Student 
January, 2018

Our daughter has attended Perception now for about a year and a half, including 2 Summer Enrichment camps. While she speaks highly of her time during school, she loves the fun themes of the summer camps. When she gets in the car, she cannot stop talking about all the fun things they did and made each day. 

Swan Family
July 16, 2018

We had our children in other schools but were never really satisfied.  Nothing really compares to Perception Montessori, its the best decision we ever made! Our children have grown so much! I love that they cover all areas of curriculum in education such as reading, writing, math, science, geography and history.  I can't even explain how much my children have been engaged and have learned.  I have no worries about my son entering Kindergarten this fall.  The staff is phenomenal, very caring and passionate about what they do.  I will forever stand by Montessori schools! 

Green Family
July 8, 2018

Loving and caring staff. Great curriculum. Children are # 1 priority.  

C. Newton June 2019

Choosing a daycare and preschool for your children is one of the most important decisions one makes. Once we learned about the Montessori program we knew we wanted our family to become a part of the Perception Training Center's family. The staff is wonderful and caring. They take the time to truly get to know each child and their family dynamic. We love the fact that the staff and children together, create an amazing learning environment. Our toddler has become an independent, helpful individual who really wants to learn new things everyday. The center teaches much more than education alone. She has learned manners, to be courteous to others, and to communicate with words instead of toddler fits. We also see our infant son developing into a curious little man. The play yard is like no other. It is a creative and exciting place for the children to play and learn. The school also embraces the involvement of family members. The cultural dinner, art auction, earth day, and spring soiree are just a few of the events where families and staff come together with the children to get to know one another better and to celebrate accomplishments. We recommend this center to everyone that we know.
Shawn December 6, 2018

I feel my child was able to be himself and flourish! 
Armstrong  June 2019

From the time we began bringing our daughter to Perception Preschool, it has always been a positive atmosphere that felt like family.  Every day after dropping her off, I left with a smile on my face knowing she was in good hands with teachers who loved her.  We could not feel more grateful to have had this wonderful start to her education, and we will always be thankful.

Wright Family
June 14, 2019

I was so scared for our daughter to start daycare, much less only being 3 months old but Perception really made the transition easier. She does so well.  She is now 6 months and we cannot be more happy!  She loves her teachers and the environment! 

Hendricks Family

Both of our boys have been at Perception since 3 months old.  It is the best place they can be!  Both have learned do many skills, were walking by 10 months and I have a 2 year old talking in sentences and putting away his own clothes.  They both look forward to going to school and love their teachers so much!

Adam and Jen

Our child has learned so many things about culture and humanity.  I honestly believe this school is a top notch facility.  Any choosy parent will want to enroll here verses any ordinary daycare setting.  

Alumni Family

I am confident that my child is taken care and very happy at Perception Early Learning, Montessori.  The facility is always clean and on top of everything. The staff are very caring and knowledgeable.  My son has grown so much here through play and learning activities. I am extremely grateful for the Early Childhood development center!

T. Daniels

We love Perception!  Staff have been wonderful from the nursery program to her toddler program and preschool.  They work with our daughter on improving her language skills and teaching other important skills at a young age, which is something she utilizes outside of her classroom. We witness her grow daily, and she is always singing new songs or talking about the things she enjoyed that day. 

Pleased Parent 

Perception Early Learning was the best thing I've done for my kids. Every single day they genuinely enjoy being with my children. They try their very best to help mold each child and the teachers know every child in the school! I can't say enough good things about Perception. not only do they care for my children, they teach them and they help them get ready for the years to come. They are exception! I am so glad we got the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing school. I will never be able to thank Michelle and her staff enough for being such a great influence on my children.

Lafferty - June 28th, 2021

From the time Gabriel was 3 months old until his graduation Perception has helped him grow and develop into the strong, confident little man that he is today. I am so grateful for the love, guidance and support from all of his perception teachers. He is so super smart because of their patience. I have always felt at ease knowing he was in good hands. We are sad to go! We love them all!

McDonough-  June 28th, 2021

All of the staff at Perception truly care for all of the children that go there, and it shows. The education my daughter received was absolutely amazing!  She was provided all of the tools she needs for a successful future. My daughter struggled with separation but her teachers were always amazing and made every effort to ensure her comfort. My family and my daughter truly appreciate everything Perception has done for us. My daughter will truly miss everyone.

LaMonic- June 3, 2022

Perception has been wonderful for our kids from 3 months to preschool they were always learning. The real life skills they learn are amazing. The other day, Reilly was able to tell me what time it was without a second thought! The teachers are amazing, caring and wonderful in every classroom. They truly care for each and every child they have in their classroom.

Jen- June 3, 2022

 I want to thank Perception from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for Clark over the past 5 years. The graduation ceremony was absolutely perfect and so emotional.  All the details they put in made it so much more special for the children and families. We are so blessed to have the best start for Clark because of Perception. They all played a huge role in helping him along the way. They are like family to me and i love them very much. It is so hard to trust someone with your child, yet it was so much easier to do with Perception staff. I am thankful for all they have done, all the care and love they have given. They make such a huge impact on the children, the families, and the community as a whole. I honestly could never thank then enough or put into words the gratitude I  have for each one of the teachers that have been with  Clark.  They all mean so much!

Amy Beadle- June 8, 2022

Perception has been a wonderful place for Emma.  She learned so much through the years! She's been blessed to have been with such a nurturing group of teachers and staff. I am glad we chose Perception for Kindergarten. It's been truly a great experience!

Umberger -June 3, 2022

My niece, Dylan is a student at Perception and over the past year she has learned so much. She has become very social.  I always love to hear the songs she sings... a great school for children! 

I am an Oma to Dylan.  She is so smart and caring and has learned so much while she was there. I love the cap and gowns at special! 

I am Dylan's Nana. She has turned into a smart, talented little girl after attending this school.  Great job!

Dylan's family  -June 3, 2022

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