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Perception PTO 

Charity and Fundraising


















Children's Art Auction for Charity


Perception's annual Children's Art Auction for Charity is held every year since the school's founding in 2001. The children raise money for a needed non-profit organization or a family in need of support in the community. The families vote on a charity close to their heart and the most votes get the proceeds.  The children frame their own creative art work throughout the school year right up until the evening of the showing.  The teachers store the collections in a safe place until it is time to display at the event held in March. Raffle tickets are sold and children can win Art baskets filled with art supplies. Perception's World Cookbook created from family recipes shared at Perception's Autumn Cultural Celebration is also sold at the event to increase the proceeds for the charity. This event is open to all family and friends at Perception and to all in the community. In the past, we have donated our earnings from this event to organizations such as, Relay for Life, Make-A-Wish, Crippled Childern of Schuylkill County, Pottsville Free Public Library, Hillside SPCA, Ruth Steinert SPCA, SARCC (Sexual Abuse Resource and Counseling Center), Janet Weiss Hospital, West End Hose Company, Dustin's Adventureland, in addition to families in need of support during a difficult time or situation.


Family Celebrations, Perception PTO, and Fundraising



Connecting home to school is one of the most important ways to help children succeed in education and in life!  Perception offers many opportunities throughout the year to bring our families together.  We offer free Parent Workshops, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Family Celebrations, and we maintain an active PTO.


Family engagement and participation is important because it enhances your child's early educational experience!

Perception takes pride in engaging our families in meaningful ways.


Perception PTO supports our family celebrations. Families can be involved in PTO in many different ways such as attending meetings, reading emails, offering suggestions or simply attending a workshop, celebration, or a PTO sponsored event.


Fundraisers such as selling Knoebel's tickets, the Perception PTO Basket Auction, Family Bowling, and Family Night Out support the special celebrations we have with our families and contributes to building lasting relationships with those we serve.   The Autumn Cultural Celebration, Spring Soiree, Chldren's Art Auction, Earth Day and Graduation are special events supported by Perception PTO. 




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