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I Can Do Anything!

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Michelle F. Dallago

About the Author

Michelle F. Dallago is the wife of a rock and roll drummer, mother to three adult daughters, proud “Nonnie” to her first grandbaby and a veteran officer of the U.S. Army. She began her career teaching middle school in the Pottsville Area School District in 1990. Around the time of the tragic events of Columbine, she read a book which inspired her to open The Perception Training Center. She did this without a dime in savings, only a vision to nurture the mental and emotional health in young children. Shortly after, she heard a song on the radio that inspired her to begin writing about a present day teacher using educational methods from the past. Her dream is to finish with a film version to advocate Peace education. Michelle earned a post graduate certification in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Urban Education. She learned to play guitar at age 50 to encourage a love of music in her preschool. I Can Do Anything! is the outcome of thinking about her perceptive preschoolers while vacuuming! 


You can connect with Michelle on Facebook and LinkedIn

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