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Perception staff

Head of School & Director of Education

Michelle F. Dallago

Administrative Assistants

Peggy Dallago

Joie Lynne Gardner

Curriculum Support

Patricia Rusnak

Nutrition Aide

Joann Matina

Teaching Staff

Willow - Infant

Kelsie Fiscus

Francesca Dallago

Pine - Toddler

April Bowman

Katlyn Jackson

Chestnut - Pre-Primary

Alyssa McCabe

Carly Gerenda

Oak Primary Preschool-Kindergarten

Christopher Hartung

Taylor Gerenda

Maple Primary Preschool -Kindergarten (PA Pre K Counts)

Deborah DalsimerWare

Surreal Nunez

Quality Support Staff and Substitutes

Monica Evitts

Student Teachers

Marguerite Ortiz

Chloe Dronick

Olivia Rehman

Maintenance Support

Richard Dallago

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